Recreational Pilot Licence - Part Time

The RPL is the first step for most pilots, and at the successful completion of our eight-week full-time course, students are recommended for a CASA RPL flight test.

During the course, students learn how to handle the aircraft (flying straight and level, flying a circuit, short field take-offs and landings, emergency procedures, basic instrument flying etc...) The course also includes your first solo flight - a rewarding experience to remember for a lifetime.

This course is typically chosen by students who want to access VET FEE HELP when they commence the Diploma of Aviation (IFO) for PPL Holders - but need to get a PPL before commencing the Diploma.

The RPL course can be done as a single course, or alternatively the RPL is also taught as the first stage of the Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence.) Overseas students who need a student visa are typically better off enrolling in the Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence) course rather than the stand-alone RPL course.

Details of the RPL Course

During this course students fly either Cessna 152s or Piper Warriors and they learn how to handle the aircraft through simple manoeuvres.

The RPL stage concludes when students pass the Recreational Pilots Licence Fight Test. Students typically take 8 weeks and 25-30 dual (with an instructor) flight hours of training, alternatively you can learn to fly part time.

All training is conducted at the local aerodrome (either in the circuit pattern, or the local training area.) Once the RPL Flight Test has been passed, student pilots are permitted to take a passenger on a flight, but are restricted to the local aerodrome while a passenger is on-board.

At the completion of this course, students will be eligible to progress to the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course.

Important information on VET FEE HELP and CRICOS
This course is not approved for VET FEE HELP. Students wishing to maximise their access to VET FEE HELP are recommended to self-fund the RPL and the PPL course, and then commence the Diploma of Aviation (IFO) for PPL Holders

This course is not approved for overseas students wanting to access a student visa (ie; it is not registered as a CRICOS course.) If a student requires a student visa, they are recommended to commence the Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence) course. Overseas students that do not require a student visa are welcome to join this course.

The Pre-Requisites for the course are;

A Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL.) If a student does not already hold an RPL, it is recommended that they complete the RPL Course first.
A current Class 1 Australian Medical
Unless secondary school has been conducted in English, an IELTS score of 6.0.
There are no specific academic requirements required for the course, however Year 12 experience in Maths and Physics is recommended.

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Introductory Flight

If you are really keen to see what learning to fly is all about then this flight gives you an excellent introduction.

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