Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor Rating) - AVI50510


The Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor) is a 16 week course designed to get students through their Flight Instructor Rating assessment with CASA, and prepare them for their career as an instructor.

The Diploma of Aviation course is broader in scope than the Instructor Rating Course. It is targeted at students who want to work for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) as a Flight Instructor.

An instructor rating is one of the best ways to sharpen flying skills and enhance discipline, accuracy and proficiency. Additionally, completing an instructor rating increases the options that trainees have to get a job on graduation. There are many instructing jobs offered around Australia each year.

At Basair we want to produce the highest quality Grade III instructor possible at the end of their course.

The training you receive during your instructor rating training will provide the fundamentals of all your future lessons - so it is of vital importance that you start on solid ground. For this reason we do not offer a “cut down” course available at many schools. We only offer a quality course that is thorough, and will place you in the best position to obtain employment afterwards

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Start Date

07 Aug 2017


  • A current Australian Commercial Pilot Licence.
  • Either a current Australian Night VFR Rating, OR a current Australian Command Instrument Rating.
  • Must also be a holder of a current Class 1 medical
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Successfully completed Year 12 (applicants will be required to provide a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education) or successfully completed a Vocational or Higher Education qualification of at least a Certificate IV which was taught in English

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