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Pilot Licences

We offer training for anyone who wants to get their pilot licence, be it for recreational fun, all the way to commercial flying. Study can be done on a casual basis or full-time at our Cessnock Airport location.

Recreational Pilot Licence

The Recreational Pilot Licence is a great way to enjoy the amazing joy of flight area the local area. Great for taking a friend up for the view or to enjoy the peace of flying by yourself.

Private Pilot Licence

Getting your Private Pilot Licence allows you to take the family away for the weekend, or fly yourself to that appointment that would be a long drive. Learn to become a private pilot to enjoy the rest of Australia.

Commercial Pilot Licence

If you've grown up dreaming of working as a pilot, then our Commercial Pilot Licence course can help you get there. Join us to become an aviation professional while enjoying the fun of learning in a friendly and supportive environment.