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A Rating can be applied to a Private or Commercial Licence to give the holder addition privileges. These privileges increase the opportunity for a pilot to fly and allow the to fly in new and exciting environments.

Multi Engine Class Rating

Holders of a PPL or upward may wish to fly aircraft with more than one engine. The Multi Engine Class Rating is designed to teach pilots about the handling characteristics of multi engine aircraft and the differences from Single Engine flight.

Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating

Pilots looking to advance their skills will be able to complete a MECIR. The MECIR allows pilots to fly in conditions of reduced visibility and cloud down and land the aircraft in these conditions with the assistance of Navaids.

Night VFR

Flying at night holds new challenges for pilots, both from the lack of visual cues to follow as well as the illusions experienced. Join one of our Night VFR courses to learn how to fly safely and accurately at night, and earn your Night VFR Rating.

Instructor Rating

Teaching the new generation of pilots can be a very rewarding career in aviation. Completing your Instructor Rating with Hunter Valley Aviation takes approximately 16 weeks and will give you a first hand look at the role of an Instructor.