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Multi Engine Class Rating

What is a Multi Engine Class Rating?

Take your flying to the next level by obtaining your Multi-Engine Initial Endorsement with Hunter Valley Aviation. This will allow you to fly aircraft in the Multi Engine Class, under 5,700kg.

This endorsement will allow you to operate a high performance multi-engine aircraft. Training for this endorsement will be conducted in a Beechcraft BE76 Duchess or Piper Seminole and will set the foundations for future Multi Engine aircraft endorsements.

This course includes 10 hours of flying as well as theory briefings delivered by an experienced Grade 1 Flight Instructor. You'll gain an in depth understanding on the key operational differences between single engine and multi engine aircraft as well as develop the critical skills necessary to handle emergencies in multi engine aircraft.

No need to worry about ATC or controlled airspace when flying at Cessnock while learning a new aircraft. This will allow you to have more hands on time flying the aircraft rather than waiting for a ATC clearance.

How long will it take to get a Multi Engine Class Rating?

This depends on whether you want to study casually or full-time. For our full-time students, it will take four weeks to complete their MEA. One completion of the four weeks students will be ready for their flight test. For students who wish to study on a casual basis, the amount of time varies based on how often they wish to fly.

How much will it cost to obtain a Multi Engine Class Rating?

Generally, a multi engine class rating is completed within 10-12 hours depending on the aircraft the student wishes to fly, the cost can range from $5,600- $6,720. The rates per aircraft can be found here.

What training is involved in getting a Multi Engine Class Rating?

During the course students learn how to control the multi engine aircraft in all stages of flight. Students will also learn the major difference between flying a single engine aircraft and a multi engine aircraft.

Each flight will be accompanied by a 45 minute pre flight brief outlining the content of the flight and a post flight brief, giving the student feedback on what was done well and what can be worked on in the next flight.

Course Pre-Requisites

  • A Private Pilots Licence
  • A current Class one or two Australian Medical 
  • For full-time/part-time students - has successfully completed Year 12 OR holds a vocational qualification of Certificate IV or above.

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