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Night VFR

What is a Night VFR rating?

A Night VFR rating removes the time pressure of last light when flying cross-country. It allows you to fly an aircraft at night in fair weather conditions. You will be able to fly your friends over the city lights and return home after dark. It is most commonly achieved during the CPL course, but can be done separately as well. Overall, it's a very useful add on to your pilot licence. Destinations include Scone, Quirindi, Tamworth, Taree and Bankstown.

How much will it cost for a NVFR?

Generally, a NVFR will be completed in 10 - 15 hours. Depending on which aircraft students choose to use, the cost can range from $4,000 - $5,500. For casual students, this is paid after each flight and not as an upfront cost for the entire training syllabus. Flights are charged as either Dual (With an instructor) or Solo. The rates per aircraft can be found here.

What training is involved in getting a NVFR?

During the course, students learn how to handle the aircraft at Night in visual flight conditions. The course also includes a students first night solo flight.

A lesson will generally consist of a 45 minute briefing on the aim and content of the flight, followed by dual night circuits until the student is deemed competent for solo circuits. After the student has conducted to the circuits to the required standard the student will be ready to conduct the navigation exercises. After each flight, the instructor will debrief the student on the flight and give the student items that went well and items to improve and study for the next lesson.

The NVFR course can be done as a single course, or alternatively the NVFR is also conducted as part of the Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence).

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Course Pre-Requisites

A Private Pilots Licence

2 hours Instrument time (1 hour must be in the aircraft)

A current Class One or Two Australian Medical. Details on medicals can be found here.

For full-time/part-time students - has successfully completed Year 12 OR holds a vocational qualification of Certificate IV or above.